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In order to minimise any potential business disruption from any future office closure as a result of  the COVID-19 virus we would encourage you to send or copy all correspondence to us by email, and make any payments by electronic transfer. This is to ensure that, in the event that our office is required to close, we can continue to receive and deal with all incoming correspondence remotely.


United Arab Emirates

Documentation Requirements 


  • All shipments to UAE must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin together with an original, signed invoice. Both must be certified by the AICC. The AICC will then legalise these at the UAE Embassy in Dublin. All shipments for UAE must be legalised.
  • All non-commercial Certificates and Personal documentation must be stamped by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade which the AICC can arrange.
  • Health Certificates are required for food, meat and poultry consignments.
  • Halal Certificate stating that slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany fresh, frozen meat and poultry
  • Radiation Certificates are often requested


Certificate of Origin (Original or Copy) €75
Original or copies
Certificate of Registration or Incorporation €660
Memorandum and Articles of Association per document €660
Memorandum or Articles of Association per document €660
Company Record of Achievement €660
Company Trade or Financial Report €660
Certificate of Good Standing €660
Power of Attorney to Register a company €660
If any of the above is accompanied by an Agency Agreement  €30
Originals or Copies  
Minutes of meeting to Register a Company €660
Company Share Certificate €660
Letter of Status from CRO €660
Company Printout from CRO €660
Power of Attorney to Register a Company/ Agency €660
Distribution/Commercial Agreement/Company Contract €660
Assignment or an Authorisation for Registering €660
Trade Mark or Patents €660
Authorisation of an Agreement for the purpose of transferring or selling company shares €660
Letter of undertaking €660
Power of Attorney re Finance/Shares €660
Authorisation of agent to register product €660
General Power of Attorney €660
Termination of Agent/Agreement €660

Signature Specimen / Certificate of Free Sale / Price List or Certificate /GMP Certificates /  Manufacturers Licences, Authorisations and Certs Of Analysis / Certificate of Conformity




Private PoA’s or legal documents for business use              


For legalisation fees for Invoices please contact the AICC directly.

United Arab Emirates