AICC Services

Unique services for Irish/Arab enterprises

The specialist services provided by the AICC are designed to support Irish exporters in doing business with the Arab countries and to help Arab enterprises to do business in Ireland. All Irish exporters to the Arab markets are clients of our Chamber and they rely on our unique services to underpin their business in the region.

We will help your business export to the region by:

  • Arranging customs clearance for 21 different Arab states.
  • Calculating any applicable levies on your behalf.
  • Preventing any difficulties due to language barriers.
  • Offering our very own online system allows you to generate certificates of origin (required for all states), upload invoices, track orders, and more.
  • Dealing with government agencies, embassies and relevant organisations on your behalf allowing you to focus on your business and revenue.

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce