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Saudi Arabia

Documentation Requirements 
  • All shipments to Saudi Arabia must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin together with an original, signed invoice. Both must be certified by the AICC
  • The AICC can arrange legalisation if required. All Legal and Regulatory documents must be authenticated by the Dept. Foreign Affairs
  • Health & Vet Certificates, Halal and Radiation Certificates are often required
  • Certificates of Analysis must show manufacturing and expiry dates and the goods cannot be expired


Prior to shipment, exporters of regulated products to Saudi Arabia may be required to obtain a SASO Certificate of Conformity. 

For more detailed information on procedures, please contact the following organisations in the United Kingdom

Bureau Veritas, Government Services & International Trade


Intertek International Ltd 


SGS United Kingdom Limited


         Certificates of Origin, Invoices & Packing Lists                                



         Any other document €35.00


Saudi Arabia