• All shipments to Yemen must be covered by an Arab Irish Certificate of Origin and along with an original Invoice, must show an invoice value or a value for customs purposes only and must be certified by the AICC.
  • The following statement must be on all Invoices “We certify that this is a true and correct invoice and that the goods referred to origin, manufacture and production of ……..”.
  • Agency Agreements/Power of Attorney and all Personal Certificates require to be stamped by a Notary Public and at the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • Health and Veterinary Certificates are often required for food, meat and poultry consignments.
  • A Halal Certificate stating that slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany chilled, frozen meat, lamb and poultry.
Item Embassy Fees
Certificate of Origin (original or copy) €350
Invoice (original) €700
Invoice (copy) €525

(Plus value over ₤60,000 an extra €40.00 for every ₤10,000)

Other documents Embassy Fees
Packing List €350
Copy of Packing List €175
Health Certificate €760
Copy of Health Certificate €760
All of the following: 

Radiation Certificate/GMP Certificate/CPP’s/ Certificates of Analysis/Power of Attorney for Companies/Setting up Trading Agency in Yemen/Change of Name of Company Registration of a Company/Distribution Agreement/Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Manufacturer Deed of Assignment/Endorsement of Marine Transport or Cargo Manifest/Endorsement of Contract/Price Certificate/Assignment Deed [commercial]/Halal Certificate

All of the following Certificates: Price certificates, Endorsement of trademarks, Endorsement of Commercial Certificate, Endorsement Quality Certificate, Arbitration Certificates €525
Endorsement of translated texts from Arabic to English and vice versa for Yemeni Students €105
Letter of Credit, Banking Draft, Bank Certificate for Opening a bank account or confirming the existence of a bank account €260
Court Rulings/Endorsement of translation of Commercial Contracts and Agreements €350
Power of Attorney for Yemenis only €70

Yemen Fact File

Country Name:
Republic of Yemen

29.9 million (July 2020 est.)

Population Growth:
2.04% (2020 est.)

Arabic (official), English and Arabic (Commercial)

Yemeni Rial (YER) = 100 fils


Business Hours:
Government offices:
08:00 to 14:00 (Saturday to Thursday)
08:30 to 12:00 (Saturday to Wednesday)
08:00 to 11:30 (Thursday)

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce