United Arab Emirates

  • All shipments to UAE must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin together with an original, signed invoice. Both must be certified by the AICC
  • The AICC will then legalise these electronically via the UAE eDAS system. All shipments for UAE must be legalised
  • All non-commercial Certificates and Personal documentation must be stamped by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, which the AICC can arrange
  • Health Certificates are required for food, meat and poultry consignments
  • Halal Certificate stating that slaughter was according to Muslim law must accompany fresh, frozen meat and poultry
  • Radiation Certificates are often requested
Item  (Original or Copy) Embassy Fees
Certificate of Origin €75
Certificate of Registration or Incorporation €660
Memorandum and Articles of Association per document €660
Memorandum or Articles of Association per document €660
Company Record of Achievement €660
Company Trade or Financial Report €660
Certificate of Good Standing €660
Power of Attorney to Register a company €660
If any of the above is accompanied by an Agency Agreement  €30
Minutes of meeting to Register a Company €660
Company Share Certificate €660
Letter of Status from CRO €660
Company Printout from CRO €660
Power of Attorney to Register a Company/ Agency €660
Distribution/Commercial Agreement/Company Contract €660
Assignment or an Authorisation for Registering Trade Mark or Patents €660
Authorisation of an Agreement for the purpose of transferring or selling company shares €660
Letter of undertaking €660
Power of Attorney re Finance/Shares €660
Authorisation of agent to register product €660
General Power of Attorney €660
Termination of Agent/Agreement €660
Signature Specimen / Certificate of Free Sale / Price List or Certificate /GMP Certificates /  Manufacturers Licences, Authorisations and Certs Of Analysis / Certificate of Conformity €660
Private PoA’s or legal documents for business use  €660

For legalisation fees for Invoices, please contact the AICC directly.

United Arab Emirates Fact File

Country Name:
United Arab Emirates

10 million (July 2020 est.)

Population Growth:
1.49% (2020 est.)

Arabic (official), English widely spoken

Dirham (D) = 100 fils

Abu Dhabi

Business Hours:
Government offices:
07:30 to 19:00 (Sunday to Thursday)
08:00 to 19:00 (Sunday to Thursday)
Times vary from Emirate to Emirate.

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce