• All shipments to Libya must be covered by an Arab Irish Certificate of Origin and, along with an original, signed invoice, must be certified by the A-ICC
  • The AICC will arrange document legalisation if required
  • If an original invoice is not required for certification a photocopy must be presented
  • The Certificate of Origin must show the invoice value in Box 6
  • The Libyan Embassy requires a clear authenticated Arabic translation of all documents presented for legalisation. This includes back-up documents. The AICC provides this translation service at a cost €49.20 per page.
  • Legal and Regulatory documents require authentication by the Dept Foreign Affairs
  • The manufacturing and expiry dates must appear either on the Cert of Origin or invoice
  • Every invoice must be accompanied by a separate Arab Irish Certificate of Origin. Alternatively, if one consignment is covered by more than one invoice, a signed summary invoice referring to all the individual invoices must be used. The individual details of each invoice (invoice number and value) must be stated on the summary invoice which must also show total value and currency.

AICC Legalisation fee for Certificate of origin & Invoice

Members €75
Non-Members €90

Certification Fee

Members €50
Non-Members €70

Libya Fact File

Country Name:

6.9 million (July 2020 est.)

Population Growth:
1.94% (2020 est.)

Arabic (official), English and Italian (Commercial)

Libyan Dinar (LD) = 1,000 dirhams


Business Hours:
Government offices:
08:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00 (Sunday to Thursday)
08:00 to 12:00 (Sunday to Thursday)
Hours vary during Summer/Winter

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce