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AICC Business Briefing



AICC Secretary General and CEO Ahmad Younis

On Thursday, April 26th the AICC organised a business briefing for a group of AICC clients to look at the practicalities of doing business in the Middle East.  The workshop placed a particular emphasis on Saudi Arabia – the largest market in the Middle East, and in many ways the most restrictive, but yet offering tremendous potential.


Ahmad Younis and Larry Hogan

The workshop was led by Mr Larry Hogan of Replakon Limited.  Larry has extensive experience of operating businesses within the Middle East, and other GCC Markets and Replakon have supported Projects and Customers in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, UK, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.


During the morning Larry was able to offer his perspectives and advice on the practicalities of operating there. Topics covered included Form of Rule, Stability, Personal Safety, Cultures, Setting up and Running your Business (Sponsor/Partner/Foreign Owned), Operating Risks, Business Cycles, Working Times, Benefits, Resources, Visas, Saudization and Quotas, Restrictions, Terms of Payment, Billing and Payment Legal Systems, Banking, Transfer of Funds, Taxation, (Corporation and Zakat), and Auditing and Regulation.


The workshop was an excellent opportunity to learn from an expert about the practicalities of doing business in the Middle East, including updates on the latest changes in local laws and regulations.

The morning finished with a Q & A session that wound up this highly interactive and informative event.