Please Note:

In order to minimise any potential business disruption from any future office closure as a result of  the COVID-19 virus we would encourage you to send or copy all correspondence to us by email, and make any payments by electronic transfer. This is to ensure that, in the event that our office is required to close, we can continue to receive and deal with all incoming correspondence remotely.



Documentation Requirements 
  • All shipments to Bahrain must be covered by an Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin and along with an original, signed invoice, must be certified by the AICC.

  • Health Certificates,Radiation Certificates and Halal Certificates are often required


Commercial Invoice in Sterling Pounds

Certificate of Origin [Original or Copy] €190
Invoice value from £0.00 to £4,000.00 €114
Invoice value from £4,001.00 to £20,000.00 €152
Invoice value from £20,001.00 to £40,000.00 €304
Invoice value from £40,001.00 to £80,000.00 €532
Invoice value from £80,001.00 to £200,000.00 €760
Invoice value from £200,001.00 to £400,000.00 €1,216
Invoice value from £400,001.00 or over €1,596


Other documents


Health, Radiation, Halal and GMP Certificates, Free Sale Certificates,

CPP’s, Certificates of Analysis, Packing Lists, Letter of Undertaking,

Employment, Service Contract, References, Certificate of Incorporation,

Certificate of Change of Company’s name, Letter of Appointment,

Birth/Marriage Certificates and all Academic Education Certificates


€ 76

Company Act, Deed of Assignment, Trademarks or Patents Registration,

Memorandum & Articles of Association, Company Commercial Contracts,

Distribution Agreement, Minutes of Meeting, Report of Directors of Finance,

Authorisation of Agent, Letter of undertaking to establish a Company



Power of Attorney